1200° Corona

Personalize your dining experience with 1200corona.com. Create custom dinnerware sets that reflect your unique style and taste. From plates to cutlery, design the perfect tableware to elevate your meals.

Achieving the project's goals through innovative solutions

1200°Corona provides personalized tableware with distinctive finishes. As an independent brand associated with the renowned Corona Group, whose history spans 140 years, it combines extensive experience and advanced technology to give top quality products for exclusive clients.

1200corona.com is a webapp dedicated to providing a platform for customizing and personalizing dinnerware. From plates and bowls to cups and cutlery, you can explore a wide range of options and designs to create unique and customized dinnerware sets that reflect your personal style and preferences. With 1200corona.com, you can add a touch of individuality to your dining experience and make your meals even more special.

The solution serves as a tool that solves the issues found in a previous research. The models and textures developed for the 3D simulator are as true to reality as they can be. In the process of populating the simulator over 700 textures where made in order to fit each finish into each piece, so that the possible clients have a clear view of what they want.

The website is the best resource for anyone looking to customize their dinnerware. It offers a wide range of options and designs, so you can create a set that truly reflects your personal style.

The website is easy to use and navigate. You can browse through the different products and finishes, once you've found the products you want, you can customize them to your liking. Once you're happy with your customizations, you can save it and send it to 1200° Corona to have an advisor contact you.