Carolina Múnera


Carolina is a total rockstar when it comes to managing business lines for multinational companies like Corona and American Standard. She's been doing it for over 15 years, developing killer business strategies, finding new markets and opportunities, and pumping revenue. Caro has an extraordinary talent for building strong relationships with key clients and stakeholders, ensuring their satisfaction and long-term loyalty. She is a true team player who inspires and motivates those around her to achieve their best.

Carolina's journey in the corporate world led her to assume the role of Business Manager at Corona, a renowned multinational company specializing in sanitaryware. With over 15 years of experience, she expertly managed business lines, developed robust strategies, and identified new market opportunities. Carolina's exceptional talent for building strong relationships with key clients and stakeholders played a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty. Her strategic mindset, coupled with her ability to drive revenue growth, made her an invaluable asset to bring to Studio 1642. As a true team player, Carolina inspired and motivated those around her, contributing to the overall success of our Studio.